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At DabApps, all of the software we produce is built on solid open source foundations. We aim to only produce high quality, well documented projects. Here's a selection of some of our work…


Super URLs for Django.

A Django template library for manipulating URLs, built on top of Zachary Voase's excellent urlobject.


Simple, fast user news feeds for Django.

Optimised for speed, pluggability and simplicity.


Lightweight REST framework for Django.

Lets you easily build well-connected, self-describing, browsable Web APIs.


Use email addresses for user authentication.

Comprehensively patches Django for email usernames, including the admin and management commands.


A simple Nose plugin for Growl notifications.

Uses the command-line growlnotify tool to send notifications from python's Nose test framework.


A simple template for reusable apps with Django.

An easy, fast way to kickstart your next PyPI package.


Site-wide login protection.

Authored by Julien Phalip, packaged by DabApps.


An abstraction of Redis sets and set operations.

Gives you composable, cacheable, lazy trees of Redis set operations.


Simple role-based user permissions for Django.

Allows you to create a set of user roles, which can be used to control site permissions and presentation.


Highlighting active links in menus.

A Django template library for checking whether the current page matches a given URL. Useful for highlighting active links in menus.


A simple multithreaded async wrapper around Kenneth Reitz's stathat.py

Won't block your program while the HTTP request to the StatHat API is made.


Customizable Serialization for Django.

Provides flexible serialization of objects, models and querysets, and is backwards compatible with Django's existing serializers.


Web APIs for Django, with one line of code.

An incredibly simple app that gives you a fully hyperlinked API for all installed models.

WebDriver Plus

Browser automation for Python

WebDriver Plus is an extension to the Python bindings for Selenium WebDriver, which gives you a more concise and expressive API.